Myths to Bust about the Free Job Posting Online

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18. May 2020
Myths to Bust about the Free Job Posting Online

Are you working as a recruiter in the company and planning to post a job vacancy online? If yes, then there are various platforms for you to do the same. It is easy to reach the job-seekers with the postings that you do and get the right candidate.

But our major question with you is, are you going to pay for the job posting? If your company is not so concerned about the expense then it is good to go but if there is a limited or no budget, then how will proceed? Also, there are chances that you might not get the expected result from the platform on which you have invested so every penny from your company will be a waste. So, keeping these issues in mind, we recommend free job postings online. Various free platforms where you can post as many jobs as you wish and there will be no cost for the same.

We know you might be worried about the term free because people in the industry have a very wrong mind-set with the same. They think that nothing can be good if it is and with this thought, they have built several myths about free job postings online.

Her, in this blog, we will help you bust a few of them:

Myth 1#

Reduced attention from the audience

It is absolutely wrong because it is open for all and there is not so lengthy process to use to same. Some applicants are not in the condition to invest so they often seek free platforms where they do not have to spend a single penny. Even the start-ups are also fond of free job posting online. Overall, the traffic on the free job portal is very high.

Myth 2#

Platforms are not registered or secured

It is never possible. Just think is it possible to run a website without registration and security features? According to us, none of the companies will take such a risk. If people are keen to run the business, they will never take a wrong step. Speaking about security, you can verify the platforms in different ways.

Myth 3#

Content is not genuine or authentic

It is not always the same because even though the platforms are free, the owners follow a fixed process to check the authenticity of the posted content. They often conduct a background check of the users through different techniques and ensure that everything is right. Sometimes, they even remove the content that they think is not fine.

These are a few myths running in the industry that restrict the companies and individual recruiters to use the free job posting online. If we are not wrong, you might have also come through any of these myths and would have believed the same but now we are sure you will never get trapped again.

So enjoy free job posting and get the best candidate for your company!!


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