5 Essential Elements to Add in Your Real Estate Classified Ads

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2. Mar 2020
5 Essential Elements to Add in Your Real Estate Classified Ads

Posting real estate classified ads is not something that anyone can do aptly. To ensure that your ads of real estate properties get noticed by the target audience, it is critical that you know how to make these ads impressive and persuasive. In real estate ads, you can use location, interests, and demographics to target potential buyers who can be the best fit for your property. 

Especially when you are posting real estate classified ads on free platforms, it becomes more important to use strategies to grab the eyeballs of property buyers looking for properties online. Whether you are an agent or a property seller, you can always make your classified ads eye-catchy with tips given below:

  1. Describe the home

Along with the basic details of a home, it is best if you also describe the home scene in an interesting way. This way, you will encourage people to enter their worlds of dreams and imagination of living in a perfect sweet home. There is always a difference of only one step between a desiring mindset and a buying mindset. Adding a mesmerizing description will prompt users to click the ad and check out the property.

  1. Show a lively tour

If possible, upload a well-recorded video of a lively tour of your home. Uploading a video makes the ad more authentic and builds brand trust and awareness. Ensure that you record the video in high quality so that it doesn’t deter people from watching the whole video. Include all highlights and specialties of your home, such as a spacious bathroom, a kitchen with a side window that provides a beautiful view of the outside, a well-maintained lawn, cabinets, and so on. 

  1. Create a creative content

It is always beneficial when people use creative content in their real estate classified ads. Use an attention-demanding headline that urges people to click on the ad instantly and view the property. 

  1. Make good use of pain points

Understanding the pain points of the audience is a great way to redirect their focus to your ads. If your home property is big enough for a large family, use lines that attract buyers who are looking for a big house. Embedding sentences like ‘bring your whole family together’ or ‘live together with your loved ones’ will help attract the audience that yearns to live in a spacious home with all the family members. 

  1. Show the floorplan

With the pictures of your home, it is better to attach a floor plan so that people can have a better grasp of your property layout. It helps them check out whether bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and drawing room are according to their requirements. It is a subtle way to reveal the authenticity of your ad and attracts people who have specific real estate goals, for instance, square footage and layout. 

By adding all these elements in your real estate classified ads, you can make it hard for your audience to ignore your ads. When you provide them with high quality pictures, videos, and floorplan of your home with appealing descriptions and addressed pain points, it would become a piece of cake to entice the target audience to take some action.


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